Friday, 16 December 2016

Poppy Love

Not Poppy the cow this time but the real thing!!! l seem to have an enormous amount of poppies in the garden this year! Some we brought from our old house, some l was given as seeds. They certainly have taken over somewhat so l will have to be a bit more careful how many seeds l sprinkle next year and make sure l do NOT let them self seed themselves!!
 l love how they shed their petals!
l seem to have hundreds of these pink frilly ones!! All on stakes as they are so heavy and laden down they are falling over!
But the bees love them!!
There are about 8 hidden in these frills!!! The buzzing is tremendous!
And without a doubt my favourite! And he hasn't even opened yet!!! Check out this face! Isn't it best!!!
The worlds grumpiest poppy!!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Patio Progress!

The past few days ,Geoff and l have put a huge effort and amount of work into the patio area we call the courtyard. Levelling out the dirt..............
Barrowing in load after load of rock dust to bed the bricks in..............
So we could at last start laying bricks!
Eeek!!!! A long way to go!
About 20 at a time was about my limit!
Which got piled up in neat little stacks as Geoff started to lay them down.
Now you might think that a brick is a brick is a brick! But trust me ........... that isn't so!!
We had four pallets all gathered at different times and places over the past year. Some are redder, some are browner, some  have paint on the sides, some are bigger, smaller, narrower, tapered, fatter , name it...... it's in these four stacks!
So barrow loads had to be fed off all them at the same time to ensure the same bricks of the same colour didn't all end up in one row or corner!
10 down, 1590  to go! TWICE!!! Into the barrow AND out of it! My poor thumbs!
We had a few interruptions and escaped visitors.....
l think they approved!
And slowly they started to go down.....
Looking fabulous!
l soooooooooo can't wait to get flowers, colour and candlesticks (don't tell Geoff!!) in there!
Waiting for the sand in-between.....
The fun part!! Filling in all the gaps!
Then time for a wine to appreciate our hard work!
Two days in and we have about 400 bricks left to go down. Good job me and him!!!

Monday, 5 December 2016


The old bike slowly disappearing into the hedge
This massive pink frilly poppy!
My little Lilli with the floppy out tongue...............
The Hay Paddock slowly starting to grow..........
The view out of our bathroom window! So different from the old orchard when we arrived.
And this Clematis.. Daniel Deronda...........l think my love affair with this plant is only just beginning!
This crazy ugly cow!
And the garden............
So many things to love....Lucky me....


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tequila Anyone?

Today l had a bit of fun repainting the garage in the garden under the Walnut Tree. It's a bit of an ugly building really but there is no way of hiding it in any shape or form! We put a weatherboard side on it a few years ago with the pretend window and door to try and soften it up a bit. Today it got a new lick of paint and some architrave around the door and window and a few fun additions in readiness for Summer!
The end result was a bit Mexican somehow!!!
But we think we like it!
The door was originally green but it didn't look right so l painted it half red, added the half way strip of timber and l rather like the effect!
 And the windows were left over fence palings which work a treat!
Lucky horseshoe on the door!
Closest l could find to a hanging candle type thing!!!
And the creepy old metal spiders web!
A bit different !
But we like it! (we think!)

Friday, 25 November 2016

Flower Power!

A boring post if you don't like flowers!! l don't have a massive abundance of them here but when you wander around the garden and really LOOK at what's out there it is just stunning.
Love -In -The -Mist.........ok...... promise l won't name them all...........mainly because l don't know the names of half of them!
But l DO love this......My very first cornflower. So beautiful...
And this is amazing....look at the rain drops still on the petals!
Stunning  rose....
So ok, for those of you that are still awake and haven't died of boredom........this isn't a flower (obviously) it's a beautiful nest l found in the Snow Ball Tree. Made with with hair, manes and tails from Maxie and Insky! How absolutely gorgeous is this!??
Such incredible colours....
Love the Clematis!
Isn't nature amazing!
Slightly out of focus but couldn't resist it due to being photo bombed by a honey bee!
Every colour under the Sun!
All beautiful, all gorgeous, all stunning............!