Monday, 21 May 2018

A Special Visit

An amazing pink sky this morning. Everywhere was bathed in a rose coloured glow. It really was quite lovely! My little front forest garden was a mass of orange , red and pink!
Teemed up with the gold from the birches ( now rapidly disappearing as the winds batter us every night!)
It really has been a beautiful colourful Autumn..
With quite a few power cuts so far ......................!!! Good thing we have lots of these!
A special visit this week from some friends from afar! George and Mark from San Diego came for a visit to Candlestick Farm and George was soon amongst the sheep handing out sheep nuts like lolly rations! l think they loved him!
And some great photos taken by my dad (who came as official photographer!) which gives an ideal opportunity with these photos to introduce each sheep as they appear! This is LaLa.. the boss of our little flock. She is enormous and is quick with a stomp of the hoof if she ever comes across anybody she doesn't know!
Louise, the Matriarch. Our oldest girl and the sheep we have had the longest. She must be coming up to 10 years old l think.
Fingal. THE greediest sheep on the planet. She eats ANYTHING.....Along with LaLa she would be about 9 years old. She came with us from our old house and had her first lamb here on the farm as did LaLa.
Then we have Fingal's boy Larry.............He is two. And as you know he is a favourite of mine..!
And the two year girls.....Shy, timid little Patch.............
And the gorgeous bolshy LJ.............Louise's daughter but definitely with a large dose of her Auntie La La in her AND the next boss of the paddock as the generations change!
And  last but definitely not least.....little Insky......who tried so hard to look like a sheep in the possibility of some food being thrown his way!
Nice try Fluff Ball!!!!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Daft as a Goose?

You would think wouldn't you that given the option of a beautiful pond that is spring fed with clean fresh water every day......that is deep enough to swim in WITH feet OFF the ground.......that's open on one side to feel not closed in, but with reeds on the other for cosiness and security.............  a gentle 5 minute waddle from their home...........surrounded by beautiful green grass.................that MIGHT be preferable to this old stinky muddy plastic bucket............?
Wouldn't you??

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Well the rain has drained away leaving everywhere very soggy. So much damage everywhere from places that have never experienced such devastation before. So much community unity as people rally together to help each other and local businesses get back on their feet So good to see............Meanwhile on our relatively unscathed farm................Geoff got given a gate! A beautiful gate in fact and we spent yesterday putting it in place. It took just about all day as everything had to be retro fitted into an existing very crooked gateway!
We love it but NOTHING is straight! It  is full of wedges and blocks. All quite ugly until it gets painted and all blends in a bit better.
As you can see the posts either side which are old , both bend outwards! A clear case of over strained wires in very wet ground l would say!
But it is all hidden in the front by the pickets! So the Wallabies in the paddock actually get the best view of it. l hope THEY appreciate it! It will all get a repaint ...( when it all dries out!)
The same person also gave Geoff these two VERY heavy seat ends..........we shall have to find somewhere to put these and find a top for them We certainly did well! Well done Geoff!
So life goes on , as we plunge deeper into Autumn. Beautiful grey hazy mornings and still relatively mild...
And l count the days l can still grow my amazing Bleeding Hearts plant outside before the first frost comes along and annihilates it!!
And talking of is one that the ponies have spent a goodly amount of time leaning on, scratching on and wrecking in general! 
Definitely seen better days............
But a nice new sturdy non gate has been put in its place. One l doubt ANY of them will be able to crush and crumple!
 Fingers crossed!!

Friday, 11 May 2018


Well, we had a lot of rain.....a LOT of rain! Not just rain, but wind, and a thunderstorm that lasted hours and hours!! We don't get a lot of extreme weather here in Tassie. We don't get a lot of hail, or snow, hurricanes, tsunamis, thunderstorms...... or huge amounts of rain.. We are generally pretty moderate in the extreme weather department.....except for yesterday............
The clean-up from Hobart's worst storm in decades is underway, with the total damage bill estimated to run into many millions of dollars.
The extreme weather event, combining heavy rains, wild winds and thunderstorms, had cars being swept down the main streets in Hobart! Not something you would ever expected to have seen!
It is only the fifth time since 1893 that Hobart had recorded more than 100mm of rain in a day. Mount Wellington recorded 236 millimetres. We are normally pretty impressed if we get 30ml! 150ml  of water falling out of the sky is something most of us have never had to cope with! We were lucky. Our old house coped well, nothing flooded , nothing overflowed , we just got a little soggy and our little Rivulet became a raging torrent!
That is all.........
Definitely one of the lucky ones!



Thursday, 10 May 2018

Duck Weather.

Well, of course l DIDN'T finish my fence today! It has poured ALL day............l DID put the rails up though in-between cloud bursts, but of course l can't staple the wire on until l have painted everything so it's all very unsatisfactorily 'tacked on' now for another week. (Remind me why l didn't paint everything BEFORE l put it all up?????)
So.............. perfect weather today for ducks. They were very happy.
The chooks? Not so happy and they spent a fairly miserable day hanging out in their shed popping out whenever the rain eased up a bit...which wasn't much!
This big fat girl however did not move from her bed ALL day! Goats hate the rain and Toggles is a prime example of that. l think today as this photo clearly shows, she literally took her legs off and left them by the door!!
Lizzie is not quite such a wuss.! Being not such a mollycoddled goat as a baby she is definitely quite a bit 'tougher' than Toggles and whilst she didn't actually GO out in the rain, she preferred to spend her day sitting outside but very much under cover!
And whoever it was that said that sheep's wool protects them from the cold and rain doesn't know OUR sheep! They also spent most of the day inside under the barn lean to. With hay on tap, there was absolutely no reason to go outside whatsoever!
Beautiful little Patch .........
She hasn't changed much since she was a baby. Such a pretty little thing...
And THE most gorgeous sheep we have ever had.....Larry.....This fellow really is the sweetest most docile sheep l have ever met! He only has to be NEAR you to go into a trance.... just wanting a cuddle or an ear scratch He really is utterly adorable....Look at that face!
Named Fat Larry but nicknamed Buddha as a can see why!
He was the last lamb born that year (2016) but as you can see by the photos he was the biggest of the lot! He had rolls of fat everywhere!
Here he is at the front. The youngest! (is it weird l know which lamb was which two years later??)
And he was the oddest looking little he was at only a few minutes old...........
But always worth spending a bit of time with......He's a special boy!


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

And so it goes on.......

l don't know why l ever select a nice little job and always presume l can do it in a day ???  Ha Ha!! So this morning  out l go and ripped out the fence line....
And dug the hole...... l then looked at all the dry crumbly earth that was meant to go BACK into the hole and decided there was no way it would be able to go in tight and compacted enough without cement to hold the fence post securely.........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
So out came a bag of cement...........Luckily we had one............
It takes 24 hours to cure strongly enough to be able to drill and screw things into the post so that pretty much shelved the plans l had for the rest of the day AND l had pulled all the fence out!!
So l had to put up a makeshift barrier and hope that holds the wallabies at bay for ...probably a week!!!! It's going to rain now for the next three days so this job will now not get finished until my NEXT days off!........ AND it's not painted either! (why didn't l paint the gate BEFORE l hung it up outside??) Ahh well.....
So instead l moved my three cherubs and their willies out in to the garden.......
l like it.....As long as the greenery grows up around them a bit! It's quite Victorian really....
l put it in my pond garden which is ablaze with red at the moment!
And then l put up the ornate corners in the courtyard. Love it!
The other gateway is too wide to get the whole gate in the photo but l love this one too!
Then the rain came.............
So I repaired the cast iron ones inside as well.... (well.....l HOPE l repaired them!) We shall see today when l take the clamps off)
So all in all a successful day!